Finding a Signal in the Noise Finding a Signal in the Noise We work daily to curate a pioneering design signal. One that inspires living potential in your projects and our regions, communities, places + products. The C3 Living Design Project The C3 Living Design Project The C3LD Project Translates Ideas into Action using Pattern Thinking. It's our contribution to a New Story of Life being created by the planet wide Eco-social movement. Creating Resilience With RELi Creating Resilience With RELi The RELi Resilient Design Action List Pilot for Communities, Neighborhoods, Building + Home Owners is Rapidly Becoming the Go-To Source for Resilence How-to.
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Living Design Music Pick #1 In this SNL version of "American Soul," U2 offers up a graphic vision of what America "is." America is not a place. It is an idea. America is the hope embodied by "Rock + Roll."
Living Design Music Pick #2 In January of 2013, KEXP radio recorded the Lumineers and their song "The Big Parade" which poetically illuminates false perspectives, propaganda and fake news.
A Living Design Music Pick #3 Sheryl Crow released "Shine Over Babylon" in 2007 stating that it is "in every way a desperate cry for understanding. Perhaps it is even a battle song in the face of fear." Living Design Video Series Living Design Video Series Our "Living Design" series of inspiring videos and speakers curates a glimpse at the What, Why + How of Living Design. The Pattern of Living Systems Michelle Holiday provides compelling insight into the difference between Mechanistic Thinking + Living Systems Thinking in this great TEDx Talk. We Tweet + We Pin + We Post We Tweet + We Pin + We Post Browse our 9 Nested Twitter + Pinterest Channels below covering everything from Design+Thinking to Matter+Energy and everything in-between. Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Twitter We Tweet almost daily at 12:30 Central / 1:30 Eastern. Look for additional tweets at 9:30, 2:30 + 6:30. Search Twitter for our #C3LD Hashtag(s)










ReSearch Stream 1

Curating Modern Challenges to a Just, Civil + Vital Living World

About this ReSearch Project | Stream 1 | #C3res1 | The prevailing socio-political-economic story of the 21st Read more


ReSearch Stream 2

Connecting with “The Resistance” Against Inequity + Exploitation

About this ReSearch Topic | Stream 2 | #C3res2 | Starting on November 9th, 2016 the modern Read more

ReSearch Stream 3

Creating + Curating the New Ecosocial Story of a Living Society + World

About this Research Topic | Stream 3 | #C3res3 | In 2007 Paul Hawkin, author of Blessed Unrest estimated Read more


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