Finding a Signal in the Noise Finding a Signal in the Noise We work daily to curate a pioneering design signal. One that inspires living potential in your projects and our regions, communities, places + products. The C3 Living Design Project The C3 Living Design Project The C3LD Project Translates Ideas into Action using Pattern Thinking. It's our contribution to a New Story of Life being created by the planet wide Eco-social movement. Creating Resilience With RELi Creating Resilience With RELi The RELi Resilient Design Action List Pilot for Communities, Neighborhoods, Building + Home Owners is Rapidly Becoming the Go-To Source for Resilence How-to.
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Living Design Music Pick #1 In this SNL version of "American Soul," U2 offers a graphic vision of what "America" is. "America" is not a place, it is an idea. It is the hope embodied by "Rock + Roll."
Living Design Music Pick #2 In January of 2013, KEXP radio recorded the Lumineers and their song "The Big Parade" which poetically illuminates false perspectives, propaganda and fake news.
A Living Design Music Pick #3 Sheryl Crow released "Shine Over Babylon" in 2007 stating that it is "in every way a desperate cry for understanding. Perhaps it is even a battle song in the face of fear."
Living Design Music Pick #4 Moby's live performance of "This Wild Darkness" on Colbert is another poetic + moving hip-hop gospel tune, like only he can do. "Ooh, in this darkness please light my way, light my way ..."
Living Design Video Series Living Design Video Series Our "Living Design" series of inspiring videos and speakers curates a glimpse at the What, Why + How of Living Design.
The Anthropocene The film charts the growth of humanity into a global force on an equivalent scale to major geological processes.
The History of our World David Christian's epic "Big History" TED talk is an enlightening, wide-angle look at complexity, life and humanity, set against our slim share of the cosmic timeline.
The Pattern of Living Systems Michelle Holiday provides compelling insight into the difference between Mechanistic Thinking + Living Systems Thinking in this great TEDx Talk. We Tweet + We Pin + We Post We Tweet + We Pin + We Post Browse our 9 Nested Twitter + Pinterest Channels below covering everything from Design+Thinking to Matter+Energy and everything in-between. Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Twitter We Tweet almost daily at 12:30 Central / 1:30 Eastern. Look for additional tweets at 9:30, 2:30 + 6:30. Search Twitter for our #C3LD Hashtag(s)










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Curating Modern Challenges to a Just, Civil + Vital Living World

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Connecting with “The Resistance” Against Inequity + Exploitation

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Creating + Curating the New Ecosocial Story of a Living Society + World

About this Research Topic | Stream 3 | #C3res3 | In 2007 Paul Hawkin, author of Blessed Unrest estimated Read more


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