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About this ReSearch Project | Stream 1

| Corporatocracy is defined as “a society or system that is governed or controlled by corporations”. The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency and his cabinet appointments have made the long emerging U.S. corporatocracy openly visible to Americans. Columbia University economist and University Professor Jeffery Sachs writes extensively on the topic of corporatocracy in his 2011 book “The Price of Civilization” in which he describes both political parties as being right-of-center. Sachs identifies four powerful U.S. lobbies: (1) military-industrial complex (2) Wall Street–Washington complex (3) Big Oil–transport–military complex (4) the health care industry (Wikipedia).

Architecture, design + art have always had a close (and frequently tense) relationship with power. Therefore, we have added corporatocracy to our list of interconnected essential factors influencing design: power, computers, globalization and environmental degradation. We have added corporatocracy because after the 2016 U.S. election, the world looks even more like the period that gave rise to the German Bauhaus + similar schools of design following World War I. This period shaped architecture and design into the form + practice we recognize today.

All three of our ReSearch Streams are now integrated around the story of civic life. Stream 1 is exploring the declining state of global society + the environment, Stream 2 is exploring the resistance to that decline and Stream 3 is exploring a new story of life for the present and the future.

*Previously this ReSearch Stream was defined as “Exploring the New Authoritarianism” and was started on December 5, 2016. Our ReSearch yielded insights that have lead us to rename the title and organize the description around “corporatocracy” on March 18, 2017. We believe it is the specific form of authoritarianism we are experiencing and a more accurate frame.

What are the C3LD ReSearch Streams About?

Our on-line ReSearch queries focus on issues we’re engaged in at the moment. They can last a few days, a few weeks or even a few months. We stream our findings using Twitter + Pinterest. Learn more about using this Page and the ReSearch Streams by clicking here

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Past C3LD ReSearch Projects | Stream 1

The Stream 1 ReSearch Projects are listed in chronological order below. You can use the sequence and dates to help you find them in the Twitter + Pinterest Streams above. Each Twitter Post has a date in the lower right corner.

Stream 1 Past ReSearch Projects

  • What is the role of Architecture + Design in a Resilient Society?
    Channel: #C3LDdt | Design + Thinking
    End Date – November 26, 2016 (Use this date to locate the ReSearch in the twitter stream – #C3res1)
    Research Brief: We believe architecture + design are changing due to the powerful influence of computers, globalization and environmental degradation on society. The scope and intensity of change are similar to the period that gave rise to the Bauhaus and similar schools of design in 1919.
    What did we learn? Our research was based on being “aware” of the topic and watching for articles that addressed the issue. Very little crossed our path. Either the information available is not part of our “flow” or there is a limited amount being written specific to the issue. Bruce Mau’s “Resilient Design: It’s all in the Blueprint” was the most direct finding. Other findings where good indicators of what design might address, but they were not written specifically in design vernacular. The comparisons between the 1919 Bauhaus and the current state of society are even more relevant after the 2016 U.S. election of authoritarian + strongman Donald Trump.