Workbook #2 | WM-00

Workbook #2 – Media | Workshop Overview

Video: Workshop Overview

A few notes on Workbooks:

  • Feel free to use all course materials when developing your answers for this Workbook. Enjoy, learn and discover!
  • Please be aware that there is no way to save partially completed work. Workbooks should be completed in one sitting.
  • You must submit all Workbooks [even if all answers are “No”] to view an accurate accounting of your on-going progress and overall score percentage.
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Welcome to your RELi WM-00 | Media Workbook #2 - 3 Points

Thoughtfully review and reflect on this video, reading or slide show. Write down:

- [3-5] key words and at least [1-2] phrases or quotes that help capture ideas that you would like to remember.
- Write a sentence or two that describes an important take-away you would like to capture.

Place your writings in the comment box below. Save your key words, quotes and writing for future reference in a convenient location, such as Microsoft Notebook or similar.

Q1: My name is (please fill in the blank below with your first and last name).

Q2: Place your key words, quotes and writings in the comment box below.

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