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Resilient Management for Extreme Rain Events 
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PLEASE NOTE: This pattern is a RELi Credit and will be referred to as ‘Credit’ in lieu of ‘Pattern’ for this Incubator project.

Incubator Project #C3RELiHA2-1 is focused on improving the RELi Resiliency Action List, Pilot Version Credit  “Reslient Management for Extreme Rain Events” (Hazard Adaptation + Mitigation HA Cr-2.1). The current language for the pattern  is posted below for reference.

The Resilient Management for Extreme Rain Events credit has been balloted and approved as part of the RELi Resiliency Standard as a “Credit.” Credits are considered menu item for the RELi Resiliency Standard. They are not required but they are available for  selection and pursuit by project teams.  The core elements of an approved credit cannot be substantively changed without re-balloting, but clarifications and modest amendments to the credit language are allowed. This incubator project intends to explore areas where metrics + techniques for the Resilient Management for Extreme Rain Events Credit can be clarified or the credit can be better defined without substantively changing the requirements.

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Possible Pattern (Credit) Improvements:

General: The RELi Resilient Management for Extreme Rain Events credit currently has a science driven metric that sets a sound direction for adapting to increasingly frequent and damaging extreme rain events.   However, it could be improved with added detail and clarity around the intent + measurable actions to be taken.

  • Better Clarify the baseline language in the credit body.
  • Identify the expectation of “Rainwater Managment”. Is this management equivalent to current expectations or can there be inconvenience or acceptable levels of minor damage resulting from an event? Are their metrics for inconveniences or acceptable minor damage?
  • Identify possible strategies for accomplishing this credit.

Current RELi Pattern (Credit) Language:

Name: Rainwater Management for Extreme Rain Events

Credit Purpose: Meet the 500 year flood plain criteria for requisite HA1 and provide for extreme rainwater events. Account for linear increases in extreme rain events over a 30 year period.

Credit Metrics + Criteria:

Base the increase on the Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation data available in the of the U.S. National Climate Assessment Report. Refer to figure  2.18.

Increase the amount of anticipated precipitation falling during a very heavy event by a factor  of 1.45* times the observed change that has occurred over the past 54 years between 1958 and 2012Refer to figure  2.18 Observed Change in Very Heavy Precipitation of the U.S. National Climate Assessment Report.

Example: Observed Change for the area comprised of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,  Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin is 37%. The recalibrated stormwater results would be: 37% X 1.45 = 54% increase.

*30 years is 0.45% of 54 years. The calculation assumes a linear increase in event strength.

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