Exploring and Defining the Essential “Eco-Civic Design” Perspectives + Concepts

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| We’re exploring the essential eco-civic design perspectives + concepts. We’ve identified (5) perspectives that are prevalent (listed in alphabetical order): Healthy, Regenerative, Resilient, Restorative and Sustainable. Our goal is identify short working definitions for each.  We’re also asking a bigger question – are there more? What are some of the essential concepts that support these perspectives? Our last Stream 2 ReSearch Topic for this stream was “High performing / low-cost frits, patterns and coatings that can effectively meet the needs of bird safe insulated glass was completed on August 29, 2016. More information on past research is available further below.  ReSearch notes for this topic are available here →

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Stream 2 Past ReSearch Topics

  • High-Performing / Low-cost Bird Safe Glass Frits + Patterns
    Channel: #C3LDpp | People* + Products
    August 29, 2016 (Use this date to locate the last Tweet for this ReSearch in the twitter stream)
    We dived into the specifics of bird safe insulated glass units looking for effective frits + patterns that can provide bird safety.
    What did we learn? The research on bird safety is nascent, but compelling and useful. Horizontal lines may be one of the more effective approaches. Uniform, dispersed patterns may be less effective. Try for a risk rating of 15 or less with 10 or below being prefer
    *People includes all living creatures
  • Building Integrated Thin-film PV for Glass Surfaces
    Channel: #C3LDme | Matter + Energy
    June 12, 2016 (Use this date to locate the last Tweet for this ReSearch in the Twitter stream)
    We searched for Thin-film PV products that can be effectively applied to glass surfaces such as building guard rails.
  • Using Stormwater Rate Control Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting
    Channel:  #C3LDpw | Plants + Water
    April 18, 2016 (Use this date to locate the last Tweet for this ReSearch in the Twitter stream)
    Clean Water is rapidly becoming a precious resource. How can we leverage Stormwater Rate Control Tanks to Harvest Rain Water?


The negative impact of construction, urban planning and growing cities could be affecting the natural ecosystems
beyond we can determine in a first level examination. The components for a serious evaluation could be as wide as
the natural surrounding are affected. We can be impacting negatively in different ways: Using material in construction that
are causing climate changes. Climate changes destabilize the natural homes for the species living in a space. When we alter the
natural home for the species we start to attempt against the natural food chain in the determined space.
Another way to impact is using or building elements that turns in barriers, or limiting the natural evolving process of the species.
As is the case of the 200.000 sq. ft of glass in the US Stadium, that according the observations of specialists confuse birds, causing them to collide and die.
The MSFA had proposed a research to determine how deadly the glass façade is affecting the birds migration and the natural
life process.
The Jacques Cluzaud, Michael Debats film WINGED MIGRATION, presents an epic portrait of winter bird migration. Filmed on 7 continents for 4 years, brought together into one portrait a journey and the meaning of the migration of long distances for all kind
of different birds. This film could instruct about the natural life cycle of the birds, including the huge moves from one place to another in the Winged migration.
This is an example of how the new perspective of sustainable design have to consider more and more in depth, the natural components of the environment in order to optimize the negative impact.

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