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  • What is the role of Architecture + Design in a Resilient Society?
    Channel: #C3LDdt | Design + Thinking
    November 26, 2016 (Use this date to locate the ReSearch in the twitter stream)
    Research Brief: We believe architecture + design are changing due to the powerful influence of computers, globalization and environmental degradation on society. The scope and intensity of change are similar to the period that gave rise to the Bauhaus and similar schools of design in 1919.
    What did we learn? Our research was based on being “aware” of the topic and watching for articles that addressed the issue. Very little crossed our path. Either the information available is not part of our “flow” or there is a limited amount being written specific to the issue. Bruce Mau’s “Resilient Design: It’s all in the Blueprint” was the most direct finding. Other findings where good indicators of what design might address, but they were not written specifically in design vernacular. The comparisons between the 1919 Bauhaus and the current state of society are even more relevant after the 2016 U.S. election of authoritarian + strongman Donald Trump.

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  • Exploring and Defining the Essential “Eco-Civic Design” Perspectives + Concepts
    Channel: #C3LDdt | Design + Thinking
    January 7, 2017 (Use this date to locate the last Tweet for this ReSearch in the twitter stream)
    We’re exploring the essential eco-civic design perspectives + concepts. We’ve identified (5) perspectives that are prevalent (listed in alphabetical order): Healthy, Regenerative, Resilient, Restorative and Sustainable.
    What did we learn? We developed short definitions for the each of the (5) perspectives and tweeted them. We looked for a generic, academically appropriate meta-perspective that could hold all five and settled on Ecosocial.
  • High-Performing / Low-cost Bird Safe Glass Frits + Patterns
    Channel: #C3LDpp | People* + Products
    June 13, 2016 (Use this date to locate the ReSearch in the twitter stream)
    We dived into the specifics of bird safe insulated glass units looking for effective frits + patterns that can provide bird safety.
    What did we learn? The research on bird safety is nascent, but compelling and useful. Horizontal lines may be one of the more effective approaches. Uniform, dispersed patterns may be less effective. Try for a risk rating of 15 or less with 10 or below being preferred and recommended.
    *People includes all living creatures
  • Building Integrated Thin-film PV for Glass Surfaces
    Channel: #C3LDme | Matter + Energy
    June 12, 2016 (Use this date to locate the ReSearch in the twitter stream)
    We searched for Thin-film PV products that can be effectively applied to glass surfaces such as building guard rails.
  • Using Stormwater Rate Control Tanks for Rainwater Harvesting
    Channel:  #C3LDpw | Plants + Water
    April 18, 2016 (Use this date to locate the ReSearch in the twitter stream)
    Clean Water is rapidly becoming a precious resource. How can we leverage Stormwater Rate Control Tanks to Harvest Rain Water?

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  • Converting Water to Hydrogen + Storing it using Wind Power
    Channel: #C3LDme | Matter + Energy
    June 26, 2016 (Use this date to locate the ReSearch in the twitter stream)
    We explored the current technologies and potential for converting water to hydrogen + storing it using Wind Power.


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