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While working with the C3 ReSearch Stream 1 over the past few months, we began to see the need for a deep and thorough ‘thought revolution’ in the way designers see the world and the way we think.  While changing the way we think has long been one of our key areas of ReSearch at C3 Living Design, the latest round of explorations has brought greater clarity and definition to the issue.

The complexity surrounding the big design tasks of the 21st century beg us to take our creative problem solving  skills to the next significant level. And it will be a significant change. Change similar to that which brought about the scientific-industrial revolution of the 1700’s.  The impacts of climate change, water scarcity and global urbanization are coupling with rapidly changing computer technology and a volatile socio-economic realm to shake the structure of modern problem-solving and design thought off it’s foundations.

From our perspective, design now requires more applied systems, integrative + interdisciplinary design thinking.  Pattern Thinking makes this list as well and we see it as a a form of Systems Thinking. In response to this new understanding, we’ll be shifting design process + method ReSearch from Stream 1 (What is the Role of Design in a Resilient Society) to Stream 3 allowing Stream 1 to focus more closely on designs’ role within our larger society | This ReSearch topic was started on June 27 ,2016

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C3LD ReSearch Notes | June 27, 2016

“Excerpt from A Whole New Mind”
by Daniel Pink | Published on

Key Words and Phrases from the article

High Concept is the capacity to:
– detect patterns and opportunities;
– create artistic and emotional beauty;
– craft a satisfying narrative;
– combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new

High Touch involves the ability to:
– empathize with others;
– to understand the subtleties of human interaction;
– to find joy in one’s self and to elicit it in others;
– to stretch beyond the quotidian in pursuit of purpose and meaning

Experts from the above article:

“The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind—creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers.” In this book, you will learn the six essential aptitudes—what I call “the six senses”—on which professional success and personal satisfaction increasingly will depend. Design. Story. Symphony. Empathy. Play. Meaning.”

“Thanks to an array of forces—material abundance that is deepening our nonmaterial yearnings, globalization that is shipping white-collar work overseas, and powerful technologies that are eliminating certain kinds of work altogether—we are entering a new age. It is an age animated by a different form of thinking and a new approach to life—one that prizes aptitudes that I call “high concept” and “high touch.” High concept involves the capacity to detect patterns and opportunities, to create artistic and emotional beauty, to craft a satisfying narrative, and to combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new. High touch involves the ability to empathize with others, to understand the subtleties of human interaction, to find joy in one’s self and to elicit it in others, and to stretch beyond the quotidian in pursuit of purpose and meaning.”

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