RELi Professionals

RELi Resilience Accredited Professionals are on the pioneering edge of design engaging one of the worlds most challenging problems: Climate Change and Social Equity Adaptation.

After 35+ years of creative development focused on climate mitigation, resource conservation, ecological health and human wellness, the sustainable design community is expanding that vision to create a just, vital and adaptable living world.

RELi Accredited Professionals + Applied System Specialist (RELi APS) have completed the comprehensive RELi and Resilience+ Pilot Training Course covering the application of systems thinking and RELi requisites + credits.  Applied systems thinking is used to leverage the individual concepts embodied by RELi into integrated responses that effectively improve the resilience of buildings, neighborhoods and communities. The pilot course uses an interactive, project based learning approach that brings participating professionals first hand experience with real world applications of RELi and resilient design.

The course is in it’s pilot phase,  creating online translational learning that integrates theory + practice. The result is transformative training for busy, working professionals.  As part of it’s pilot development phase, the RELi and Resilience+ Workshop Training Course is currently by invitation only.

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