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Theory Review | Arch 8561 | 2020

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Videos, Readings and / or Slide Decks

Post by 12:00 PM on Thursdays prior to class unless otherwise directed, an integrative written reflection on the theory videos, readings and / or slide decks for this module.

Post your reflection online in the comment section located at the bottom of the page.
Activity Description: Critically consider what was stated and offer your thoughts about what came to you through the video’s, readings + other materials. For each Theory + Practice Module read, view and absorb the Theory video’s, readings and / or  slides located on that module page. You reflection should consider all of the Theory from the module.

Tips on Writing Reflections:

  • Take notes on each video, reading or slide-show as you go along. Capture things like quotes, key words, key ideas, etc.

     Consider the following as you watch or read, and as you write your reflection:

  • What insights or discoveries did the writings or speakers offer to you?
  • If you learned something new, describe what you learned.
  • If a layer of clarity or depth on a familiar topic was revealed, describe what was revealed.
  • If after carefully considering the materials you share a differing point of view, first consider the idea that there may be a Both / And opportunity in what appears to at first be a difference – maybe something new new needs to be forged, or maybe you respectfully disagree – either way, professionally and constructively offer your thoughts.
  • Refrain from using inflammatory language or pejoratives.

In your Written Reflection include the following in this order:

  • Write the Term “THEORY REFLECTION | MODULE [X] | ARCH 8561 2020 at the top of your post,
  • List your name,
    Write an integrative Theory Reflection covering all of the Video’s, Readings or Slide-decks. The reflection should be a holistic, synthesized narrative of your essential take-aways from across all of the materials,

    • Give your Theory Reflection a descriptive name,
    • For Each Video or Reading (up to 5*), Select at least (1) quote that supports your integrative reflection narrative – include the name of the person your are quoting.
    • For Each Video or Reading (up to 5*), Select at least (1) key word or short phrase of 2-5 words that supports your integrative reflection narrative,
    • Select an additional 2-3 key words or short phrases of 2-5 words from any of the videos or readings,
  • Write about 450-500 words of narrative beyond the Key words and phrases incorporating your takes-away from the material,
    • Include new thoughts that may have arisen after going through all of the material,
    • Were there any Ah Ha Moments?
    • Were there things that you found Inspiring?
    • Were there things that you see from a different perspective*Watch all the videos / readings. But you do not need to include quotes or key words or short phrases from more than five.

   See dPierce-Arch further below for an example layout.

Exercise Center | Arch 8561 2020

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Exercise Upload

Upload your Exercise to the Share Folder on Google Drive

File Name protocol: Module##_Your First Name and Last Name_Exercise Name
Example: Module3_Doug-Pierce_ProjectDiscovery








Explore our Research Stream as we pursue Creative Concepts for Living Design

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@C3LDCreate ReSearch Stream

| Join us in our creative quest for a Living World. We document our on-going research for answers, concepts and solutions that support Living Designtmusing Micro-media.  You can visit our C3LD Create Twitter timeline below, and here: @C3LDCreate. We curate our Micro-project #Tags using the @C3LDCurate stream. For more C3 Living Design research based streams visit our @C3LDConnect and @C3LDCurate Twitter timelines.

What are the C3LD ReSearch Streams About?

Our on-line ReSearch queries focus on issues we’re engaged in at the moment. They can last a few days, a few weeks or even a few months. We stream our findings using Twitter + Pinterest. Learn more about using this Page and the ReSearch Streams by clicking here


 • • •
Creating . Connecting . Curating the Patterns of Life