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We’re exploring a New Story for a living present + future. Our ReSearch Stream #C3rnsN is focused on nature topics that feed into that story. The #C3rnsN hashtag is our primary ‘New Story / Nature’ Twitter stream and we’ll add an extra ‘number tag’ to identify specific topics as they emerge (Example: #C3rnN-1 will cover ‘Environmental Equity’). ReSearch notes for this stream are available here →

What are the C3LD New Story ReSearch Streams about?
Our on-line New Story ReSearch queries focus on topics we’re exploring as part of meta-story describing new path of humanity. The topics can range widely in the scope and depth.  Learn more about the New Story.

#C3rnsN Topics List

The #C3rnsS ReSearch Stream topics are listed in chronological order below. You can use the tag number and dates to help you find them in the Twitter Stream above. Each Twitter Post has a date in the lower right corner.

#C3rnsN-1     Environmental EquityChannel: #C3LDpp | People* + Products

The #C3 ReSearch Blog Streams 

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