Explore our Research Stream as we pursue Creative Concepts for Living Design

@C3LDCreate ReSearch Stream

| Join us in our creative quest for a Living World. We document our on-going research for answers, concepts and solutions that support Living Designtmusing Micro-media.  You can visit our C3LD Create Twitter timeline below, and here: @C3LDCreate. We curate our Micro-project #Tags using the @C3LDCurate stream. For more C3 Living Design research based streams visit our @C3LDConnect and @C3LDCurate Twitter timelines.

What are the C3LD ReSearch Streams About?

Our on-line ReSearch queries focus on issues we’re engaged in at the moment. They can last a few days, a few weeks or even a few months. We stream our findings using Twitter + Pinterest. Learn more about using this Page and the ReSearch Streams by clicking here


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