How do I use a ReSearch Stream Page?

How to use a ReSearch Stream Page

General Use Tips

  • The latest Tweets + Pins relate to the active topic. Click the embedded links or images to dive into our findings.
  • Use “The Past Topics List” located at the bottom of the page to find specific ReSearch topics by date within the streams.
  • Use the C3 ReSearch Streams 1, 2 + 3 Archive  to identify + find closed C3 ReSearch Topics.

More Information on Closed ReSearch Topics

  • You can find the Twitter + Pinterest ReSearch information for closed topics by scrolling the Twitter + Pinterest panels down to find the research by the closed date.
  • The closed date is located on the topic’s post page or on the “The Past Topics List” located at the bottom of each ReSearch Stream post and on C3 ReSearch Streams 1, 2 + 3 Archive.
  • Comment information is available for closed topics on their specific post page. Closed topic post links are available at the bottom of the most current post for each of the ReSearch Streams.


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