RELi [pronounced Rely]

Welcome to the RELi Resilience Action List + Credit Catalog.  RELi <pronounced rely> combines a comprehensive list of resilient design criteria with the latest in proven integrative process for developing next generation communities, neighborhoods, buildings, homes and infrastructure.  RELi is a project rating system similar to LEED®, but with added emphasis on resilience. The Credit Catalog includes new resilience-based actions (requisites + credits) pioneered for RELi in 2014. RELi also aggregates action items from other sustainable guidelines that support resiliency.

RELi Categories include: Panoramic Approach, Hazard Preparedness, Hazard Adaptation, Community Vitality, Productivity / Health + Diversity, Energy / Water + Food, Materials + Artifacts and Applied Creativity.

Design method is an important part of achieving high-performing resilient design outcomes. In response, RELi combines a comprehensive + expandable action list with an integrative process that we call the Living Design Approach. This universal method is embodied in the RELi Panoramic Approach category as a series of requisites + credits. The RELi Reference Brief, along with other resources are openly available for use by project teams of all types.

The Action List and Credit Catalog includes a Use Agreement. Please note that the RELi guidelines can improve resilience, but nature and humans are simply to unpredictable to ensure safety or guarantee any particular level of shock resistance or recovery potential.

UPDATED! RELi Action List + Credit Catalog
Reference Brief Online Flipbook, Pilot Version 1.2.1
(Abbreviated from the 2014 RELi National Consensus Standard)


What is Resilience?

Resilience is one of five interwoven Living Design Metapatterns that include: Resilience, Restoration, Regeneration, Sustainability and Wellness. The following definition of resilience has guided our development and selection of metrics and measures for inclusion in the RELi Resilience Action List + Catalog:

Resilient Design pursues Buildings + Communities that are shock resistant, healthy, adaptable and regenerative through a combination of diversity, foresight and the capacity for self-organization and learning. A Resilient Society can withstand shocks and rebuild  itself when necessary. It requires humans to embrace their capacity to anticipate, plan and adapt for the future.

The RELi Action List + Credit Catalog expands on this definition of resilience by providing metrics, measures and indicators for resilient buildings, neighborhoods and communities. The slide show below provides an overview of RELi along with a detailed look at several of the requisites + credits included in the Credit Catalog.

Who Developed RELi? 

RELi was developed over the past 7 years through the generous participation of professionals, experts and graduate students. Read more →

About RELi + Resilience Slide Deck

Using RELi + The Living Design Approach

RELi at its most basic level is a simple, but comprehensive “to-do” list. Using even a few of its selective parts can improve a project’s adaptive potential. When applied at their most effective level, the RELi Action List requisites + credits (i.e. RELi’s selective parts) can create patterns forming a web of interconnected relationships with emergent, intangible properties.   Read More →

An Inspiring Story of Resilience

Resilience is an emergent property of living systems that arises from multiple sources, at any  location or within any living community. We’d like to share stories of resilience through different lenses, perspectives and voices as a way to inspire all people to take action. If you have a story you believe we should post, please share it with us through the C3 Living Design Contact Us page.



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