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The C3 Living Design Project (C3LD) assembles an informal collective celebrating a new story of life being written and created by the planet wide eco-socio-economics movement.   Using a combination of systems, pattern and integrative thinking, the project stitches together the inspired people from around the world along with the knowledge of professionals, students and academics working independently or in small groups to create a vital + living world that is regenerative, restorative, resilient, sustainable and healthy. Read more about our Living Design Method + Approach is described Here.

The project seeks to both create and to integrate available living design knowledge into a cohesive, salient + actionable story about the past, present and future of our planet and its inhabitants. Read More about the C3LD project purpose of curating +creating A New Story for Living World Here.

The C3LD website and its content is curated + developed by Doug Pierce, AIA, LEED Fellow. M. Deborah Pierce is C3LD’s Creative Director and resident graphic artist. The website is structured around five elements: Micro-Media,  a Research Blog, an Idea Incubator, an Idea Library and the RELi Resilience Action List. You can read more about the elements here.

The concepts and ideas embodied by this virtual project are inspired by talented people and life from all over the planet. Some are new + pioneering, some are very, very old, many fall somewhere in between. They are primarily explored through the generous participation of students and professionals at the American Institute of Architects Minnesota Committee on the Environment (AIA MN COTE), AREA Research, Perkins+Will, The University of Minnesota College of Design, The Minneapolis College of Art+Design (MCAD) and The Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS).


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