About the Idea Library


Creating an Ideas, Patterns + Indicators Library represents a long-term initiative of the C3 Living Design Project. Go to the Idea, Pattern + Indicators Library →

Over the next few years we will iteratively identify, categorize and curate living ideas, patterns and indicators from a wide range of sources such as A Pattern Language, Living Building Challenge, Reliable Prosperity, RELi, LEED, SMaRT, C2C, FSC, Fair Trade and many other recognized sources along with capturing ideas from the Noosphere for inclusion the Library.  Please look for regular updates through Twitter, Pinterest and Linked-In as we work toward our goal of 250 cataloged patterns by Earth Day 2017

“There are are significant gaps in the current stock of living patterns + indicators.”

Along the way, we hope to fill voids and identify open opportunities in the web of living patterns + indicators already created. We will be creating patterns + indicators and organizing pattern + indicator seeds (ideas) as we go along. The seeds will contain the fundamental idea for a pattern or indicator and a reference or two for jump starting the process of development. We hope to inspire people to create their own patterns + indicators from our seeds and submit them for consideration in the C3LD Library.

Stay tuned for information on our Twitter, Pinterest and Linked-in accounts. We hope you will join us.

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