RELi + Resilient Design

Resilient Design for a Changing World

Resilient Design pursues Buildings + Communities that are shock resistant, healthy, adaptable and regenerative through
a combination of diversity, foresight and the capacity for self-organization and learning.

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RELi <pronounced rely> combines a holistic list of resilient design criteria with the latest in integrative design process for developing next generation neighborhoods, buildings, homes and infrastructure. The RELi Action List + Credit Catalog includes new resilience-based criteria pioneered for RELi in 2014.

The RELi Credit Catalog selectively bundles existing sustainable + regenerative guidelines with RELI’s ground breaking credits for emergency preparedness, adaptation + community vitality. RELi is the most comprehensive reference guide and certification available anywhere for socially and environmentally responsible design.

The current need for resiliency is urgent. In order to sustain a safe and vibrant quality-of-life, we must respond holistically to the weather extremes, economic disruption, and resource depletion that are now becoming common place. Our societal and planetary well-being depends on the cooperative interaction of all elements in our lives: social, economic and environmental.  By coupling a comprehensive living design Credit Catalog with integrative design process, RELi lays the groundwork for advanced, and even revolutionary resilient, regenerative and healthy outcomes that support the whole of life.



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