Design + Thinking Channel

Design + Thinking (DT) is the first of nine C3LD nested Channels. Our DT Channel actively curates living design information at the design and thinking scale through the “#C3LDdt” Twitter Hashtag and the Pinterest Board “Design+Thinking.”  We also host the emergent Twitter feeds: #SystemsThinking, #DesignThinking, #IntegrativeThinking and #PatternLanguage.

How do we define Design + Thinking?

Creativity is to homo sapiens what flight is to birds and webs are to spiders. It’s an essential living skill for humanity and the evolutionary genius of our species. We humans make our way through the world by creating tools, making useful artifacts and adapting to our environment.

Design is the practice of consciously elevating our native instinct for creativity to a professional art. The C3LD Design + Thinking Channel centers around solution-based design techniques that use a combination of analysis and synthesis to achieve exceptional creative results.

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