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Life + Planet (LP) is the second of nine C3LD nested Channels. On this page we actively curate living design information at the life and planet scale through the “#C3LDlp” Twitter Hashtag and the Pinterest Board “Life+Planet.” Our LP Channel actively curates #Anthropocene, #Deepecology, #SocialEquity, #NaturalCapital, #EcosystemServices, #EcologicalEconomics, #Nature, #Environment and #Climate.

How do we define Life + Planet?

Earth is a living planet extraordinaire that is teeming with life. Over the past 100,000 years, the evolutionary engine of the biosphere has cast-up homo sapien sapien (doubly wise humans) and our capacity for reflective thought. Our ability to know that we know has resulted in a highly successful species spreading to every environ of the planet. Our instinctual capacity for creativity + collaboration allows us to adapt to a wide range of conditions, and for better or worse, we are now the number-one influencing factor shaping the Biosphere. The balance of life on planet Earth now literally depends our capacity to collaboratively forge a present + future that respects the whole of life and each other regardless of race, sex, cred or species.

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