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Region + Bioregion (RB) is the third of nine C3LD Nested Channels. On this page we actively curate living design information at the region and bioregion scale through the “#C3LDrp” Twitter Hashtag and the Pinterest Board “Region+Bioregion.” Our RB Channel actively curates the Titter Feeds: #Regional, #SmartGrowth, #Regionalplanning and #Bioregional.

How do we define Region + Bioregion?

Aregion is “a specific area that gives rise to the dynamic exchange of goods, services, and people” and sustainable regional economies have the “ongoing ability to replace imports from beyond the region with local production.” Nancy Jack Todd interpreting Jane Jacobs

“A bioregion re-connects us with living systems, and each other, through the unique places where we live. It acknowledges that we live among watersheds, foodsheds, fibersheds, and food systems – not just  in cities, towns, or ‘the countryside.”  John Thackara author of  “How to thrive in the next economy” 

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