Community + Watershed Channel

Community + Watershed (CW) is the fourth of nine C3LD nested channels. Our CW channel actively curates living design information at the community and watershed scale through the “#C3LDcw” Twitter Hashtag and the Pinterest Board “Community + Watershed.”  We also host the emergent Twitter Feeds: #resilientcities, #livingcities and #watershed.

How do we define Community + Watershed?

Community is the convivial, day-to-day gathering of people of all ages and kinds to maintain family and friendships; transact business; establish neighborhoods; and join in common purpose. It provides for several fundamental needs: participation, identity, a shared story, and health.” Reliable Prosperity

“A watershed is a form of ecological community. It is a web of natural resources including water, air, soil, plants, animals, and people. Watersheds are a mosaic of landscapes with natural and human history, culture, and the variety of land uses of a place” Flathead Watershed Sourcebook Technically a watershed can be defined as “the collection of land surfaces draining to the same body of water. They are functional units of ecosystems, and best treated as whole systems”  Reliable

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