#C3LD Living Design Channels

About the Channels

We work daily to curate a pioneering design signal using Twitter Feeds, Pinterest Boards + Blogs to create our family of #C3LD Living Design Channels + #C3 Streams. We hope to inspire living potential in your projects and our regions, communities, places + products.

Our #C3LD Living Design Channels are organized by nested scale, starting with Life + Planet and scale-jumping their way down to Matter + Energy.  Each Channel Page carries it’s own Twitter #hashtag feed + Pinterest panel along with other popular Twitter streams. With their big-picture perspective and nested scale organizing structure, the #C3LD Channels differ from our #C3 Streams, which are organized around more narrowly focused topics and fall within a Channel (or within a couple of Channels).

The Channels

#C3LDdt | Design + Thinking Channel
#C3LDlp | Life + Planet Channel
#C3LDrb | Region + Bioregion Channel
#C3LDcw | Community + Watershed Channel
#C3LDns | Neighborhood + Site Channel
#C3LDof  | Organization + Facility Channel
#C3LDpp | People* + Products Channel
#C3LDpw | Plants + Water Channel
#C3LDme | Matter + Energy Channel

How do I use this page?
Visit each of the Channels above by clicking on the link. You can browse their Twitter and Pinterest micro-media feeds for topics + information that interest you. Click the links or images embedded in Twitter or Pinterest feeds for more information.

*Include all living creatures



























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