About The #C3 ReSearch Blog

What is the #C3 ReSearch Blog About?
Our on-line ReSearch Blog queries focus on issues we’re engaged in at the moment. Our ReSearch can last a few days, a few weeks or even a few months. We stream our findings using Twitter + Pinterest. ReSearch tweets include a #C3res 1, 2, 3 or #C3rns S, N, and E hashtag, a short statement, a supporting link (typically) and frequently, a #C3LD Channel or #C3RELi hashtag that connects the tweet to an eco-social scale.

ReSearch Blog Streams
#C3res1     C3 ReSearch Stream 1 Page | Currently: The New Authoritarianism
#C3res2     C3 ReSearch Stream 2 Page | Currently: Exploring the Essential “Eco-Civic Design” Perspectives + Concepts
#C3res3     C3 ReSearch Stream 3 Page | Currently: Applied Systems, Integrative + Interdisciplinary Design Thinking
                  C3 ReSearch Streams 1, 2 + 3 Archive

#C3rnsS    C3 New Story ReSearch Stream  | Society
#C3rnsN   C3 New Story ReSearch Stream  | Nature
#C3rnsE    C3  New Story ReSearch Stream | Economics

How do I use the this Page and the ReSearch Blog Streams?

  • Go to one of the Stream Pages or the Stream Archive by clicking on one of the links above.
  • Go to a Twitter or Pinterest Stream.
  • For #C3res1, 2 and 3, the latest Tweets + Pins relate to the current topic.
  • For #C3rnsS, N and E, look for the additional number tag at the end of the #Hashtag. The number ties it to at specific New Story topic. Topics are listed in the #C3rns New Story streams page.































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