RELi / ADAPT + Resilient Design

Guiding a dynamic world with agency, hope, and creativity.

We see a future where all life thrives – Rooted in community, resilience, regeneration, wellness, and inclusion.

RELi Action List for Resilient Design

The Third Party Certification for Resilient Buildings & Districts

ADAPT Matrix for Living Design

Project Flex-Guide + Declaration for Ecology, Inclusion, Wellbeing


Innovation for a Rapidly Changing World

The RELi™ and ADAPT™ guidelines are each comprised of design ideas, metrics and measures that drive a thriving future. Both include the latest in design process and method for developing next generation neighborhoods, buildings, homes and infrastructure.

RELi™ Resilient Design Guidelines + Certification

The RELi™ Standard selectively bundles existing sustainable + regenerative guidelines with ground breaking resilience credits for emergency preparedness, adaptation and community vitality pioneered for RELi.

RELi is the most comprehensive third party certification available anywhere for socially and environmentally responsive design. RELi is managed by the standards developer MTS using internationally recognized methods for standards development and can be used by projects, organizations and governments at all scales.

RELi™ includes a Use Agreement. Please note that the RELi guidelines can improve resilience, but nature and humans are simply to unpredictable to ensure safety or guarantee any particular level of shock resistance, safety or recovery potential.

ADAPT™ Living Design Project Guide

ADAPT™ is a highly flexible project Action Guide inspired by ISO environmental declarations. It includes achievable, but above average performance thresholds for all the Living Design basics: energy, water, health, inclusion, and poetics. ADAPT is currently being Beta tested at the University of Minnesota College of Design and Design Firms in Minneapolis.

Hope is a verb with it’s sleaves rolled up.

David W. Orr

The Transformative Perspectives of
Living Design


Sustainable ⋅ Resilient ⋅ Regenerative


Relationships ⋅ Flow​ ⋅ Form ⋅ Feel


Perspective ⋅ Curiosity ⋅ Innovation


Inclusion ⋅ Diversity · Wellbeing

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